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Roscoe Village has been called a "village within the city," and it's easy to see why: This quiet little area is home to lots of small boutiques, independent shops, mouth-watering brunch places, and off-the-beaten-path cafes and taverns, each with their own eclectic feel and classic Chicago sense of hospitality. 

Tucked in near North Center and Lakeview, Roscoe Village is bounded by Addison Street (to the north), Belmont Avenue (south), Ravenswood Avenue (east), and the Chicago River (west). Home to lots of parks and other places for children to play, Roscoe Village is also notable for its central location, which makes it easy to walk, bike, or take public transportation to just about anywhere you want to go in Chicago. 

Curious about what this vibrant spot has to offer? Here are a few resources worth checking out:

Ready to join Roscoe Village's thriving community? Here are the current market statistics for Roscoe Village:

What Do You Want in a Home? Ask Yourself These Questions (Source: - used as royalty free image)

When it comes time to start hunting for your first home, sometimes the process can be a little overwhelming. Questions abound:

What can I actually get within my budget? How long will it take? What do I really want in a home?

The most important step that a first-time homebuyer can take is to build out a list of their wants and needs. Once you have these guidelines in place, it then becomes easier to prioritize the features that you "can't live without" from the ones that "would be nice," helping you set your limits for what you are and are not willing to compromise on when looking at homes.  

Be prepared to see this list grow and change as you go through the process. And be forewarned that almost all prospective homebuyers will not get everything they want on their list within their budget; compromise has always been a key cornerstone of buying a new home. 

Your Home's Healing Powers

For a long time, we’ve known that home ownership is a sound investment for financial future. But could owning a home actually help your health in the long term as well? Believe it or not, all signs point to yes!

Owning a Home Has Social and Personal Benefits

Numerous studies have highlighted the links between home ownership and mental health – and the results are genuinely incredible. In general, home owners are “happier and healthier” than non-owners, according to the National Association of Realtors’ Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing report.

While the NAR’s findings are, of course, influenced by a number of factors – including education and income level – the fact that remains that numerous scholars have found links between homeownership and an improvement in physical and emotional well-being. For instance, one study suggests that people who become homeowners report “higher life satisfaction, higher self-esteem, and higher perceived control over their lives.”

Similarly, the NAR’s American Attitudes About Homeownership report suggests a definite connection between homeownership and social and community health. According to that report, homeowners are more likely to know their neighbors and participate in civic activities than renters, and are thus “more satisfied with their community and family life” and are more likely to “describe their communities as safe and stable.”

You Can Customize and Create Your Own Living Space

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Why Lincoln Square?

Lincoln Square is a really wonderful blend of old and new. Heavily influenced by its past as a German cultural hub, this neighborhood is home to the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center and Chicago's Berlin Wall Monument, along with stellar restaurants and bars like Huettenbar, where it always seems to feel like Oktoberfest. 

Simultaneously, the Old Town School of Folk Music, which moved to the neighborhood in 1998, brought a musical renaissance to Lincoln Square. Check out Laurie's Planet of Sound and the Grafton for an expansive selection of recorded and live music. And, if you're in the mood for something spooky, visit the Rosehill Cemetery, where the Oscar Mayer is buried. 

Looking for more things to eat, drink, and do in Lincoln Square? Check out some of our favorite online resources for the neighborhood:

Are you interested in calling this historic, lively neighborhood home? Here are the current housing market statistics you should know now:

Lincoln Square's Current Condo Market

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