As the late, great Tom Petty once sang: “The waiting is the hardest part.”

Now, he was singing about love, but the sentiment holds true for real estate. For sellers, there’s nothing more frustrating than putting a property on the market… Only to have it linger there for days, weeks, or months, growing "staler," and more exasperating, with time. 

In situations like this, many are quick to ask questions. Most are along the lines of:

“Why can’t I find a buyer?!”

That’s a broad question – and it may not actually get to the root cause behind your slower sale.

Instead, ask yourself these three questions to really understand the factors influencing the sale of your home – and what you can do to work around them, for the sake of your bottom line:

1.) “Do I Really Have a Problem?”

What Are the Current Real Estate Conditions in Uptown?

If you're looking for a truly unique Chicago experience, Uptown is the area for you!

Nestled comfortably between Edgewater, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview, Uptown is one of the most distinct and historical spots in Chicago. Once a booming entertainment district, Uptown has undergone many transformations over the years. At its heart, though, the area - which includes many smaller neighborhoods, including Sheridan ParkBuena Park, and part of Andersonville - has always been a fascinating, funky place.

Need proof? Check out the area's amazing theaters, including the Aragon Ballroom and the Riviera Theater. The streets of the area also play host to the beating heart of Chicago's jazz scene, including the legendary Green Mill, and feature world class dining, courtesy of strips like the West Argyle Street Historical District, which is laden with Asian grocery stores and restaurants.

To top it all off, you've got some of the most impressive art-deco design in the city peeking around every corner! And don't just take our word for it; here are some resources worth checking out if you want to explore this vibrant area even further:

Looking to buy or sell in Uptown, including Sheridan Park and Andersonville? Here's what you need to know about the real estate market right now: 

You’ve just bought your Chicagoland dream home. You’ve got the right number of bedrooms, the perfect parking setup, you’re walking distance to public transportation, and all of the negotiations went off without a hitch.

Now comes the fun part – getting a handle on your property taxes.

For first time homeowners, taking responsibility for your property taxes can be one of the biggest transitions from renting. And while the property tax process can be a little convoluted and daunting, there’s no reason to fear – Real Group is here!

Buying or selling a home in Cook County, Illinois? Curious about what’s going to happen to your property taxes because of the sale? Here are the broad strokes of what you need to know:

How Do I Pay Property Taxes In Cook County?

In Cook County, homeowners pay their property taxes "in arrears,” which means that you are responsible for paying the tax that accrued on your property during the previous calendar year. (So, for instance, in 2017, you will pay 2016’s taxes; in 2018, you’re paying for 2017, and so on.)

One of 77 designated community areas in Chicago, the Hyde Park neighborhood is home to some of the city’s most beautiful and iconic institutions, ranging from the Museum of Science and Industry to the world-renowned University of Chicago.

Located about seven miles south of the Loop, Hyde Park is officially bounded by 51st Street/Hyde Park Boulevard to the north, the Midway Plaisance to the south, Washington Park on the west, and Lake Michigan on the east. Some locals stretch their definition of Hyde Park to include some of the southernmost parts of Kenwood, which is, officially, a separate community area.

A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, Hyde Park played home to the 1893 World’s Fair. Also known as the Columbian Exposition, this major turning point in American history introduced the idea of electricity – not to mention the modern ferris wheel – to nearly 30 million people.

Today, Hyde Park still has plenty to offer, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s world famous Robie House, great access to the beaches of Lake Michigan, the DuSable Museum of African American History, and the Hyde Park Art Center, which has been an influential institution in Chicago’s art scene for decades.

Want to learn more about this historic and welcoming neighborhood? Here are a few resources worth checking out:

Curious about Hyde Park’s housing market? Here are the market conditions you need to know right now:

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