5 Ways to Tackle Your Home Clutter

5 Ways to Tackle Your Home ClutterThere is nothing more satisfying than coming home to a completely de-cluttered home. Storage solutions and organizational systems are in abundance. If you think it is time to bring your home to its fullest potential, take advantage of these 5 de-cluttering tips from Zillow.

1. Let it Go (Let it Go...)

I apologize if this reference brings back any Frozen PTSD, but honestly, Elsa has it right - the first and most important step in any de-cluttering plan is to learn to let things go.

As a rule of thumb, don't keep anything that isn't actively functional or that brings you joy. Remember - something that you get rid of may bring someone else a great deal of pleasure!

If you're really unsure whether or not you can part with an item, create a "not sure about it" box. Wait a few months and see if you still miss it.

2. Don't Be a Perfectionist

Any effort you make to organize is better than no effort. Don't get overwhelmed with the enormity of organizing your entire home all at once. Approach it in stages, organizing a room at a time, or even a project at a time. Reward the small successes, rather than get discouraged by the unfinished nature of the whole house.

Also remember that it gets worse before it gets better, so don't get discouraged early on in your project. Organizing is a journey and state of mind in of itself, not a destination.

3. Think Outside the Box

While organization stores can be a perfectly decent solution for de-cluttering, sometimes the unusual solutions can make for a more functional and interesting solution (and not to mention more economical!)

Maybe you can stain wine crates for a one-of-a-kind bookshelf, or take out a few bookshelves and add a clothing bar to create a coat rack for your entryway.

Check out services like Pinterest for a plethora of unique DIY storage solutions that could work for your space.

4. Bins, Buckets, Baskets... and Jars

Containers are your best friend for storage solutions. Now that you've narrowed down your belonging to the items you really want to keep, you'll need somewhere to store them. Baskets and buckets can be a great way to store children's toys, remotes, games, papers, and more while still being visually appealing in your space.

Jars can be used well to store items in plain sight - and you'll likely want to use those lentils more when you see them on a daily basis!

5. Use Vertical Space

Vertical space is often neglected when it comes to storage solutions. Look into storage cabinets with a nice visual impact, wall hooks, or floating shelves. This creates a nice visual image while making good use of a more consolidates space.


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