Top 5 Tips for Military Families on the Move

Top 5 Tips for Military Families on the Move (Source: Wikipedia Creative Commons)

When people talk about their different stressors, they usually bring up money, schedules, and projects at work. If you're in a military family, you would probably also add moving to that list-- And, for a good reason. According to the U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity, the average child in a military family moves seven to nine times during their school years. That's a lot cardboard boxes, packing tape, and new friends. Here is a countdown of our top 5 tips for military families preparing for a move. 

 1. Create a Moving Binder

Whether you're moving across states or the ocean, you'll need to keep your legal documents secure and handy at the same time. Put together a colorful binder with protectors for your important documents like birth certificates, leases, and social security cards. Staying organized will not only keep you prepared, it will also help you focus on your family. 

2. Help Your Home Lose the Excess Weight

Make a goal of donating or selling 10 items per day as you prepare for your move. And, make sure you're not moving stuff that stayed in boxes from the last go-around! A good rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven't used in two years. Remember that donating will help your wallet in more than one way: You'll cut the amount of packing supplies, trim down the time spent paying movers, and increase your tax deductions

3. Use a Camera to Make Practical Memories

Take pictures of the back your TV set so you remember how your entertainment system is set up. You can also use your camera to take an inventory of all of the items you're moving. Think of how much time you'll save by taking a picture of your child's toys instead of writing them all down. Find information on different inventory methods, including digital and paper here.

4. Forget Craig- Meet Sarge! is the largest online military classifieds and can connect you to families selling items that you might need upon landing at your new base. It can also get you in touch with those moving to your current base. You can find jobs, cars, coupons, and even cardboard boxes, making it a helpful tool in saving you money.

5. Pack Your Most Important Items In Bags and Take Them With You

While civilians typically back a box or bag of their essentials (toilet paper, soap, etc.) and toss it in an easy-to-find place on the moving truck or van, military families might have to spend weeks before their moving truck shows up. That being said, stay prepared and pack a few bags of essentials to carry with you. Need some help considering what to bring? Check out this list

Moving is always stressful, but military families have plenty of practice. Use these tips for extra efficiency during your relocation so you can enjoy getting to know your new base! 


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