5 Ways to Stage Your Home For a Quick Sale

5 Ways to Stage Your Home For a Quick Sale

So, you've decided to put your home on the market, which means that an agent will be showing it to potential buyers on a regular basis. While you'll need to make adjustments to encourage a purchase, you don't have to completely sacrifice your own comfort or personality in the process.

The goal is to make your home neutral territory for prospective purchasers to envision their own personal effects on the walls and surfaces. Start your moving process early by beginning to box your things. Mentally prepare yourself by visualizing yourself giving up your home to the market, an interim step before selling and moving.

Here's how to make a compromise between your own style and that of your buyer: 

1. Put Away the Photos

Find a safe spot for those family photos and hide them away. Creating a blank space for your potential buyer is an important first step, and that can be difficult if your audience has to look at your vacation photos. 

2. Use Trends Strategically 

Use your best judgement and pick out design elements that err on the side of classic but offer something fresh to the home. Bathroom details, cabinet handles, and lightbulbs are a great place to begin. 

3. Take Advantage of Color

Think accent colors as opposed to statement colors. Using bold, saturated colors all over the place can distract buyers, but using pops of color in otherwise neutral rooms can remedy this issue. 

4. Highlight the Space's Potential 

Make this space look livable. Use soft fabric textures to warm up the home, and move your furniture around to show how efficiently the rooms can be used

5. Understand Your Audience

Imagine the family you see living in your home next, and review the different statistics for the neighborhood with your agent. Act on these numbers and arrange accordingly. 

When you're ready to put your home on the market, drop the Real Group Team a line! Our combined 30 years of experience will ease the real estate process; we would love to help you find a new place to call home!

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