3 Attractive Home Upgrades for a $1000 Budget

3 Attractive Home Upgrades for a $1000 Budget

Whether you’re looking to make your new house feel more like a home, or you’re getting a property ready for a quick sale, some small renovations can go a long way.

Did you know that for less than $1000, you can undertake some major projects that will add character, function, and value to your home?

Thanks to our friends at Zillow, here are three suprisingly inexpensive upgrades that will add visual appeal and real value to your home, without breaking the bank:

1.) Built-in Bookshelves

Perfect for increasing your storage space or creating a charming new focal point for your living, dining, or bed room, built-ins are a great way to add function and flair on a budget.

For an appealing visual effect, add sconces above each shelf, and use these new shelves to keep anything and everything – your TV, books, knick-knacks, records, baskets full of papers – stored in plain sight.

2.) Faux-Beams in Your Cased Openings

A cosmetic upgrade that will add rustic appeal to your home for you, your guests, and your future buyers, it only costs a few bucks to create a wood beam effect between rooms.

In any cased opening in your home, simply pop off whatever trim is already present and replace it with stained framing lumber. To create the beam look, add one long piece of lumber across the top.

Voila! An instant charm boost, adding vintage warmth to your living areas and entrance ways.

3.) Paired Closets

An upgrade for function and fashion, building in a set of parallel closets – one on each corner of a room – lessens the bulky, uneven effect of simply turning one corner into a storage space (while doubling your storage area, to boot!).

The symmetry that a pair of closets creates is extremely fashionable and appealing, creating a natural nook area perfect for a table, statement piece, or even your bed. What’s more, the added storage space will probably be a big draw to any buyers looking to upsize on a budget.

Do you have any other ideas for home upgrades on a modest budget? Are you looking to stage and sell your home but need a little bit of help from the experts? Why not drop Real Group a line? Our experienced team is here and excited to help put you in the home of your dreams.

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