The Obama Family Probably Isn't Coming Back to Chicago. Here's Why They Should.

 The Obama Family Isn't Coming Back to Chicago. Here's Why They Should (Source: - used as royalty free image)

However you feel about his politics, it’s hard to deny feeling a sense of hometown pride in President Barack Obama. After all, he and Michelle called our great city home for a long time, up until transplanting to Washington, D.C. after his election to the highest office in the land.

But according to all signs, the Obamas aren’t planning to come back home when Barack’s term ends in a few months. Malia is going off to school in New England, and President Obama has suggested the family will stay in D.C. for a few years, until after youngest daughter Sasha finishes school. From there? Reports suggest that the current first family may make its way to New York, or off to one of its frequent vacation destinations, like Martha’s Vineyard or the president’s native Hawaii.

While the South Side will play home to the Barack Obama Presidential Center, we can’t help but think that the president and his family will be missing out by not coming back to the Windy City themselves. And we’re not just being blinded by hometown pride, either! From a real estate agent’s perspective, there’s no place like Chicago.

Here’s why the Obamas – and your family – should really consider calling Chicago home:

Buying a Home is Affordable

All things considered, Chicago is a very affordable city. In fact, it’s one of the only cities in the nation where owning a home is less expensive month-to-month than renting – by 24%!

Compared to renting – the cost of which continues to skyrocket year to year – buying is a much more economical prospect in Chicago; on average, it eats up less of your income while providing plenty of social benefits and a secure path to wealth accumulation. What’s not to like?

There Are Properties for Every Taste

Democrats and Republicans don’t always see eye-to-eye, and that’s OK! After all, Chicago is a city with homes for every taste.

From gleaming, sky-high condominiums complete with smart home technology and all the latest amenities, to converted two-flats bursting with character, rustic charm, and unique features, our town has it all. There are listings for every eye and every budget – Chicago is full of expensive homes and cheap homes, new homes and old homes. It’s a city worth exploring – you never know what amazing option you’ll find. 

We’ve Got a Ton of Fascinating Neighborhoods

Redfin recently named Chicago’s Ukrainian Village the “hottest” hood in the country, and for good reason – it’s a thriving, vibrant neighborhood full of delicious restaurants and coffee shops, cool stores, easy access to our town's great public transportation, and singularly funky housing.

But whether you’re exploring the North Side or the South Side, the suburbs or the Loop, Chicago is full of neighborhoods worth checking out. From the history of Near North to the charm of North Center, from the nightlife of Logan Square to the easygoing appeal of Lakeview, there are no limits to what you’ll find in our great city.

So, President Obama, if you’re reading this, let Real Group help you find your next Chicago home! And don’t worry – we’re here for non-presidents, too! Feel free to browse our listings or drop us a line to get started buying or selling a Chicagoland property today.

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