Let's Take a Look at the "Best Home Security Systems"

 Let's Take a Look at the "Best Home Security Systems"

Here at Real Group, our goal is to help put Chicagoland residents and their families in the homes of their dreams. And for that to happen, it’s vital that homeowners feel comfortable, welcome, and, above all, safe in their new property.

With that in mind, Reviews.com took a deep dive to look at the pros and cons of home security systems available around the country, using data collected from homeowner surveys, news articles, and collaboration with local law enforcement agencies.

Just why is home security so important in Chicagoland? While many homeowners plan for weather, fire, or other disasters, burglaries and home invasions are also a looming threat. According to the data cited by Reviews, a property in Chicago is 31% more likely to be the site of a property crime than the national average.

And in addition to deterring would-be criminals, home security systems can be a great way to ensure your peace of mind while also conveniently bringing your property in line with “smart home” automation standards. Installing a security system may even open you up to tax breaks (if you work from home) and home insurance discounts.

Ready to take a deep dive into the site’s data and findings, including their pick for “Best Overall Home Security System?” We encourage you to read the full report here.

Curious about any other aspect of property in Chicagoland? Feel free to drop Real Group a line! Our experienced team knows everything there is to know about our area, and we’re always eager to talk about the ins and outs of the buying and selling process. Why not start by browsing a few of our available listings?

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