7 Easy Updates to Add Value to Your Home, For Less Than $1000

7 Easy Updates to Add Value to Your Home, For Less Than $1,000

Everyone wants to sell their home for as much as possible, but many homesellers are hesitant to upgrade in order to sell. On one level, we understand where they’re coming from: It can seem daunting to sink all of that work – and all of those expenses – into a home that you’re just trying to get rid of.  

The good news? It’s actually surprisingly easy to add an amazing amount of value to your home, without breaking the bank. With the right real estate team by your side, you can think strategically about what your home, your potential buyers, and your neighborhood’s unique market all need. From there, there are plenty of projects and upgrades you can implement for less than $1000.

Need proof? With thanks to our colleagues at Trulia, here are ten easy home upgrade ideas sure to add huge value to your home without deflating your pocketbook:

1.) Add a Water-Filtration System

With the crisis in Flint, Michigan fresh in our heads, many homeowners are worrying about tap water now more than ever. Help put troubled minds at ease – and add a ton of value to your home – by installing an under-the-sink water filtration system. This makes your house look safe, up-to-date, and green (no need for wasteful plastic bottles, after all), and best of all? It’s a fairly easy (and cheap) DIY project. Check out this great guide from our friends at J. Blanton Plumbing to get started.

2.) Update Your Outlets

You can add a fresh feel to your sockets and outlets without needing to muck around with your complicated, dangerous wiring. Add value to your system by replacing outdated two-pronged outlets with three-pronged outlet receptacles (a retrofit that you can probably tackle on your own, provided that the outlet box is grounded - careful!), or even state-of-the-art dimmers or USB ports (an update that may take a little bit of professional help).

3.) Add a Programmable Thermostat

Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable moving into a home where you can be sure that the HVAC system is modern, efficient, and easy-to-understand? Help put your potential buyers’ minds at ease with a programmable thermostat. Not only will this update make their lives easier, but it can help them save money of their own down the line – after all, an adjustment of just a few degrees can make a huge difference in monthly energy bills.

4.) Touch Up Your Bathroom

Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in your home to remodel on a budget. You can think big: Replace a toilet with a more stylish, greener model; re-glaze your bathtub; or even redo your worn-out bathroom floor in shiny, clean tile. You can think small: Replace or repaint your fixtures, or even just add a few sections for storage. Either way, you’ll add plenty of value to a high-traffic room for a low price.

5.) Add Blinds or Shutters

An update as simple as changing out your blinds can make your home feel more modern, welcoming, or beautiful. Plantation shutters, in particular, are popular right now, and are a surefire way to add an upscale feeling to a room without necessarily paying upscale prices.

6.) Put Down a Path

First impressions are everything in real estate, and adding a concrete, rock, or brick path is a great, affordable way to make the front of your home seem classic and inviting. As Robyn Woodman at Trulia puts it, “regardless of the material, a walkway is a welcoming feature, beckoning guests (and buyers!) inside to have a look around.” 

7.) Replace Your Front Door

In addition to your pathway and any of your landscaping, your front door is a huge factor in your home’s curb appeal. Spending a few dollars to replace – or even just repaint – your front door can totally redefine the feel of your home: Use bold colors to create a strong statement, choose a thick material to make your home feel sturdy or secure, or put in glass or screen doors to make the space feel inviting and open.

Looking for any other ideas about how to sell your Chicagoland home? Real Group is here to help! Our experienced team is here and ready to help guide you through every step of the homebuying or selling process. Drop us a line today to get the conversation started!

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