How to Add a Home Bar For Every Taste (and Budget)

How to Add a Home Bar For Every Taste (and Budget)

Our homes are our fortresses, our palaces, our castles – and our bars?

Why not? This is a city built on bootlegging and beer after all. Adding a home bar to your Chicago property can be a great way to turn your castle into a neighborhood hangout, the perfect place to unwind after a day at work with friends and family.

The best part? While you’re enjoying a watering hole free of lines and last calls, you’ll also be adding unique characteristics that will help your property stand out on the market and gain resale value down the line.

From the easy to the extravagant, here are four ideas to add a home bar to your Chicagoland property:

1.) The Bar Cart

This is the easiest way for the aficionado to add a little boozy flair to the home, without taking up any space – and with the added benefit of having bottle service anywhere you’d like, from the living room to the bedroom (hey, we’re not here to judge).

Stylish and convenient, the bar cart is the best option for homeowners in a particularly cozy Chicago condo or flat, particularly because it can also double as an everyday furniture piece: Use it as an end table next to your couch or in your entrance hall, then simply swing it out when it comes time to entertain company.   

2.) The “Hole in the Wall”

For a more permanent (read: value-adding) addition to your home, consider using a credenza or built-in as a bar space. A credenza full of glassware, bottles, and trays – possibly with some decorative or storage elements affixed to the wall above – can be an economical but eye-catching way to work a bar space into your home.

And if your classic Chicago house comes with built-ins (or if you want to put in some in yourself, the DIY way), these little nooks can be the perfect place to store booze, stemware, napkins, or trays in a manner that is at once eye-catching and out-of-the-way.

3.) The Tropical Oasis

Three Dots and a Dash is one of the hottest bars in Chicago, and it’s no wonder why. Fruity drinks and tropical tiki elements are kitschy, fun, and memorable – so why not add a little taste of tiki to your home’s basement or spare room for a little vacation, whenever you want one?

Decorate with bamboo, palm fronds, and wicker chairs, and make it a point to give your tropical space the feel of being truly outside of your home – meaning away from drab white walls, stucco ceilings, or bright windows. Instead, focus on keeping the space dark and mysterious – perhaps by stringing pendant lights or by installing an always-nifty dimmer switch.

4.) The Outdoor Lounge

Chicago winters are legendarily rough, but our summers are magical, baby. Have a large lawn, a deck, or a separate seating area over your garage? All of these spaces can be boosted into bar or lounge areas, making your home more fun and inviting to friends and family, and giving it a ton of invaluable curb appeal when it comes time to sell.

Look into durable outdoor seating, a built-in refrigerator certified for outdoor use, and heating lamps, the better to make the most of cooler summer and spring nights. And look into adding stonework, a charming garden, or even a simple path – any of these choices may be less expensive than you’d think, and the rewards could be enormous down the line!

Looking for help buying or selling a property in Chicago? That’s where we come in! Drop Real Group a line or check out our listings to get the ball rolling.

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