Staging Your Home for Sale? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Staging Your Home for Sale? Avoid These 5 Mistakes (Source: - used as royalty free image)

When it comes to selling your home in Chicago, staging has always been the magic word. It’s the key to helping prospective buyers see themselves in your space. The faster a visitor falls in love with your property, the speedier your sale, and the sooner you can move on to your next dream home. Sounds good, right?

We think so, too. And while staging your home is practical and affordable, not all staging techniques are created equal. In fact, some may do more harm than good.

When it comes time to stage your home for sale, remember to sidestep these five common pitfalls:

1.) Not Highlighting the Space

Chicago homes run the gamut from enormous to (ahem) cozy. But most buyers want just one thing: A spacious, open home. With that in mind, it’s vital to accentuate just how large and spacious your property can be by really maximizing your space. Ditch any excess clutter; make sure that your art, accessories, and furniture are properly scaled to fit within their rooms; and ensure that buyers on a walkthrough can see all of the spaces that may be of interest, including the closets, shelves, and corners around your home.  

2.) Not “Depersonalizing”

You may be the world’s biggest Chicago Cubs fan, but we’ve got news for you: The next owner of your property may be a die-hard White Sox follower. You may think that your family photos make the condo feel homey; but they may just throw off your prospective buyer.

It’s vital to make sure that a prospective buyer can envision him or herself in the home. One of the most important ways to do this is to depersonalize your rooms: Strip away the design and décor elements that cater to your specific tastes – sports memorabilia, funky wallpaper, kitschy paintings – in favor of a more neutral aesthetic that is more welcoming to all.  

3.) Not Telling a Story

One of the most popular staging tactics is to not just let a space sit vacant, but to highlight how a new owner may put it to work. A few pet-friendly elements around the house may appeal to animal lovers, for example, while a cozy reading nook in the corner of a living room may really appeal to literature buffs – or anyone who adores curling up in a blanket-covered armchair. One important thing to keep in mind? Don’t go overboard! Rather than bombarding your guests with scenery, just create impressions and vignettes for a lingering impact. Make sure you keep the clutter to a minimum and have an easy-to-navigate walking path through your home.

4.) Not Freshening Up

Home sales have been killed by a bad smell before. Home sales have been killed by a lack of light. Home sales have been killed by a dingy mirror or untrimmed backyard. The good news? All of these sale-killers are easily preventable – if you’re willing to put in just a little bit of time and effort. Eliminate odors by taking out the trash and employing candles or baked goods; boost your curb appeal by regularly tending to your property’s lawn and garden; and be sure to have your carpets, floors, and fixtures deep cleaned before opening up your home to curious customers.

5.) Not Going to a Pro

The easiest way to make sure your home stands out – for the right reasons? Go to a pro! There are plenty of home staging services around Chicago, ready to help you maximize and beautify your property for a quick, lucrative turnover. Whether you’re looking for a full renovation or simply a consultation, there are affordable staging solutions perfect for your needs.

To get in touch with some of our favorite staging pros, or to talk shop about any other element of buying and selling in Chicago, feel free to reach out to Real Group! Drop us a line today to get started – and don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in Chicago listings, market conditions, and need-to-know home news.

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