Five Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Five Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew You Needed (Source: - used as royalty free image)

In Chicago, our kitchens aren’t just for cooking and cleaning! They’re board rooms, meeting spaces, family rooms; they’re spots for work and spots to rest and recharge at the end of the day.

And so when something goes wrong in the kitchen, it’s easy to notice. From a clogged sink to a foul odor, an annoyance in the kitchen can quickly turn this sacred space into a must-avoid hazard zone. And believe us, these little things add up; they’re often the first things that prospective buyers notice when it comes time to put your home on the market.

Ready to get ahead of minor kitchen mishaps before they start? Want to keep your space feeling fresh for visitors and homebuyers? With our thanks to the brilliant writers over at ZippyLife, here are five kitchen hacks sure to help your kitchen feel clean, organized, and inviting, no matter what life throws your way:

1.) Use Drawer Inserts for Silverware and Supplies

What could be more annoying than a cluttered, messy drawer? Instead of throwing all of your dining gear into drawers willy nilly, spend a few bucks on a drawer insert (or, if you’re crafty, try fashioning one of your own out of wood or metal). You’d be surprised what a huge difference it makes to have your silverware separate, or to not have to go digging through a junk drawer every time you need a can opener, a peeler, or (ouch!) a knife.

2.) Keep Your Cleaning Supplies High and Dry

Save space and give the pantries and cabinets of your kitchen a neat, tidy appearance by organizing your cleaning materials using everyday household solutions. For large spray bottles, consider adding a tension rod to your under-sink space; once this flexible, durable rod is in place, you can notch on your spray bottles, or hang s-hooks and hang your sponges, rags, or small tools.

For a larger pantry or cabinet, add an inexpensive shoe organizer to the inside of the door; rather than stocking the numerous slots with stilettos, fill them with cleaning supplies, from Windex to wet wipes.

3.) Invest in a Spice Rack

You have an entire cabinet for spices! They’ll be fine. Plus you only have a handful right now, right? They’ll be fine! And sure, maybe they will be for a while. But then you make gumbo one night. Or stir fry. You get into pickling, or try to add a little seasoning to your daily scrambled eggs. Before you know it, you have more spices than you ever thought possible – and you’re running out of places to pile them up.

Save your time and space: Invest in a spice rack now, before the clutter mounts later. Get crafty! Just about any suitable rack, basket, lazy susan, or other storage device will help you keep your oregano organized.

4.) Avoid the Leaning Tower of Tupperware

Like your spices, storage containers are something that you don’t really think about having to store – until they all come tumbling down on you one day. Avoid this disaster before it strikes by keeping your Tupperware cabinet organized by size and shape. Looking for a serious hack? Add a CD rack to your kitchen and use it to store your reusable lids, keeping them securely locked in one convenient place.

5.) Fight Back Against Odors, the Natural Way

Sprays and odor-eaters will only get you so far. Instead, focus on regularly eliminating odors with inexpensive, all-natural cleaning solutions. You can clean your floors and any number of kitchen appliances with vinegar, for instance, or fight back against a stinky garbage disposal with lemon and vinegar. Have any vanilla extract gathering dust? Put it to work! Just bake a little bit of extract in an oven-safe dish at 300 degrees for about an hour; before long, your whole kitchen will smell sweet and fresh.

Have any value-adding kitchen hacks of your own? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter with your favorite DIY home solutions!

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