Bright or Beige? How Color Affects Your Home Sale

Bright or Beige? How Color Affects Your Home Sale

A dab here, a splotch there… A little paint can do wonders for completely refreshing the feeling of a living space. But when it comes time to sell your home, are there certain colors or patterns that may actually turn off prospective buyers?

According to some extensive market research from Zillow and Better Homes and Gardens, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

And it’s not just homes! According to marketing research blog Kissmetrics, when it comes to purchasing a new product, consumers prioritize “visual appearance” over other factors, including smell and texture, 93% to 7%. And when it comes to visuals, color is king. In fact, that same Kissmetrics survey suggests that a full 85% of customers place color as a primary reason for buying one product over another.

So, it’s clear that color plays a big part in the psychology of selling. How exactly does this translate to your home? Let’s break down some of the biggest color trends and tips to be gleaned from those major consumer reports:

Avoid Orange, Black, and Purple

According to the Better Homes and Gardens survey, orange was the least popular wall color in homes, with 58% of respondents saying they would be least likely to decorate with it, as it reads as off-putting and “way too loud.” Black and violet followed close behind in the race for the bottom. If you have any of these colors as a dominant force in a room, it may be time to consider repainting.

But what shade should you go with? Well, Better Homes and Gardens found that…

Blue Is the Warmest Color

When it comes to color, the homeowners polled by Better Homes favored a rich blue palette; 62%, in fact, ranked blues highest among their preferred colors. Blue is traditionally considered a very calming and welcoming color, hence its enduring popularity. Earthy greens scooped up the second place spot.

Still, you shouldn’t count out the neutral colors that many stagers and homesellers have long endorsed for properties going to market. According to Better Homes, neutrals were the third most popular choice for interior walls, and 41% of respondents suggested that color should be used only as an accent throughout the home, leaving large surfaces – such as walls and ceilings – neutral, the better to emphasize the home’s furnishings, accessories, and lighting features.

When It Comes to Color, Every Room is Different

The biggest takeaway from the Zillow report – which “examined photos from 50,000 home sales around the country to analyze how room colors correlated with selling prices,” according to Consumer Reports – is that every room should be treated differently.

For instance, according to their findings, kitchens done up with warm yellow tones actually sold for an average premium of $1,360; and while white kitchens are said to be all the rage, painting a kitchen white actually had no impact on a home’s selling price.

Living rooms fared best when painted a neutral shade such as light gray or off-white; bedrooms netted the highest resale price when done in soothing earth tones such as light green or khaki; dining rooms were winners when done in pastels and light purples; and bathrooms look best, according to Zillow’s findings, when painted in tans, such as oatmeal or beige.

Oh, and, unsurprisingly, dark brown was the biggest turn-off as a bathroom color – you can probably guess why.

Trends change, and what holds true on the national level might not hold true here in Chicago, for your home’s unique character, or for the tastes of your most interested buyer. The most important thing to remember is that you may need to be ready to take steps to depersonalize, clean up, and otherwise stage your home when it goes to market, regardless of what paints or prints you have up now. Being willing to compromise, adapt, and put in a little work are key parts of getting into the right mindset to successfully sell your home.

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