How to Make Your Kitchen More Appealing

The kitchen can be the heart of the home.  Here's how to design your kitchen to be an inviting, functional, and appealing space, according to Ty Pennington.

Knock it down and open it up

Sometimes less is more, but not when it comes to space.  Too many cabinets or big, bulky appliances can make a kitchen feel very cramped indeed.  When undergoing a remodel, consider a redesign of where your cabinets are placed, or adding an open doorway from the kitchen to the dining room - or knocking down that wall altogether!

Pick your focal point

A kitchen should have a visually interesting focal point that attracts your eye the second you enter your space.  Consider an interesting backslash, complimentary piece of art or wall clock, or that one gorgeous stainless steel appliance you couldn't pass up.

Contrast creates interest

Having tasteful contrast in design is a popular way to design a kitchen, as the right amount of contrast can add a very dynamic, clean look to your surroundings.  You can explore contrast with cabinets, appliances, flooring, textiles, ceramics, counter tops... you have many options!

Be "storage smart"

Having effective, eye-appealing storage in your kitchen is an absolute must.  Slide out pantry drawers are a great way to keep the clutter organized internally to reduce what you store out in the open.  Also consider hanging your pots and pans above your counter space or creating custom shelving.

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