How to Get More Out of Your Guest Bedroom

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, or feel like yours is in need of a greatly overdue room remodel, it might be a worthwhile time to take a look at your guest bedroom.

A lot of us tend to overlook this room, if simply due to the fact we spend less time in it than others. But there are simple and easy ways to make your guest bedroom more inviting, and in the end, get a lot more out of it for your daily use.

After all, if you’re not using your guest room, it’s going to waste - when it could be the perfect example of a space in your home that can and should have multiple functions.

Whether you want an office to hunker down and work, or a fresh space for relaxing with family, here are a host of redecorating options you may want to consider for your guest bedroom:

1.) It’s All About The Bed 

A full size or queen bed can oftentimes take up an unnecessarily large amount of space in your guest bedroom. But the word “futon” can bring to mind an unattractive and uncomfortable place to sleep.

Thankfully, there are now stylish and comfortable sofa beds or day beds with pull-out trundle options that can help you to reclaim space in your guest bedroom. A sleeper sofa can also help to transform this area into a functional home entertainment room for catching up on your favorite shows or a new movie; then, when you have guests for the weekend, this room can magically transform back into a bedroom!

If you already have a bed frame in use, one thing you may want to invest in for your guest bedroom is a new mattress. Worried about the price? Consider this: Because your guest room will likely be in less use than the master bedroom or a kid’s room, the mattress will last longer! Despite the commonly believed myth that a mattress should be replaced every 7-10 years, a new one is only necessary once you feel it is lacking support, making a new mattress a more than worthwhile investment.

However, a new mattress can be expensive, and there may be other areas in the guest bedroom or your home that you would like to invest more in. If so, looking into a comfortable and more affordable air mattress can be a great compromise. Or, a gel-foam mattress topper can often bring an older mattress back to life!

2.) Creating a Functional Home Office

For those days when you decide to work from home, or if the house is your only workspace, a home office can be essential for your productivity. After all, it’s important to be able to get away from the noise and clutter elsewhere in your home - ideally, to a spot that is mess-free and conducive to helping you get the job done!

But how can you add a workstation, without completely redoing your guest room? One idea is to choose furniture pieces that will take up less space. Instead of a full-sized credenza desk unit, for instance, a simple writing desk and floating wall shelves can help to maximize your storage, while minimizing the amount of wall and floor space that you use.

Another great way to maximize space and keep your home office functional may be to invest in dual-use pieces, such as a wooden desk stool, which could also function as a bedside table for your guests in a pinch.

Who knows? When guests stay over, they may even appreciate having a designated area to get their own work done!

3.) Remember the Little Things

Ultimately, creating the look and feel of your ideal guest bedroom is going to be incredibly personal. It’s up to you to decide what will work best for your home, based on your needs, your tastes, and the distinct layout of your place.

But remember, it is a guest room - so how will your guests use it?

After deciding how to lay out your guest room and the multiple functions you may want to have for it, there are a few hacks that you can use tol help to create a serene space for your guests to unwind.

For example, there’s the all-too-common question: “Where should I put my bags?”

Having your guests put their suitcase and other luggage pieces all over the floor can often take up too much floor space.

You can help them avoid the hassle by dedicating a small area for guests to keep their luggage. Adding a small bench near the closet or dresser, or a minimal ottoman at the end of the bed, could allow for this, while also providing additional seating when not in use. A chest or ottoman with storage is even better, as you can keep bedding and other overnight essentials hidden yet accessible for your guests.

And what about your weary traveler’s technology? When traveling these days, there always seems to be endless devices and gadgets that lose power too quickly, such as laptops, phone, and external battery packs. There’s nothing worse than having to charge a device in shifts, so help your guest avoid the hassle by investing in one or two powerstrips for them to use during their stay. Even better, once they leave, you can put these same powerstrips to work powering your home office or computer room - and your guest never has to be any the wiser!

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