What Are Buyers Looking for in a Kitchen?

While we all have our personal style when it comes to decorating and designing our homes, there are features that potential buyers tend to look out for when choosing their next house.

For instance, Realtor.com says that 80% of home buyers of all ages think of the kitchen as one of their three favorite rooms to use in a home.

When selling your home, choosing to modify the most used spaces and rooms, including the kitchen, might just help you appeal to a wide range of buyers. According to a report completed by Remodeling, when homeowners complete smaller renovations they’ll be able to recoup 81.1% of the cost, while major remodels come in at 59%.

There are often small fixes, like updating the hardware on your cabinets or choosing a newer backsplashes, that can draw in buyers and make your property stand out. Larger fixes like replacing old appliances or changing a layout may seem like a large investment, but they can also help to create the dream kitchen that buyers want.

Eat-In Kitchen

According to data from Kiplinger, 86% of buyers are looking for an eat-in kitchen. In order to establish space for a family to eat their breakfast in the morning, sellers can do a number of things.

If your kitchen lacks an open-concept layout, one of the most common ways to create space is to remove a wall. If the wall is non-load bearing, this can cost you as little as $1,000. However, the price can jump to closer to $10,000 if it’s load bearing. You’ll also have to be aware of any potential plumbing and electrical systems that are located in this area of your home.

However if you’re unable to knock down walls, creating an eat-in kitchen can be as simple as adding an island (even a removable one) to the center of your room. You might also think about extending your counter and adding bar stools to create an informal dining space.

Simple and Modern Designs

In every lived-in kitchen, there are style-specific features and characteristics that really make the space yours. And this is a good thing - while you are living there. For buyers, it might be a slightly different proposition.

Unique features such as brightly colored vintage wallpaper or tile countertops may be some of the focal points in your current kitchen, but many buyers are looking for kitchen designs that lean towards clean and minimalistic.

The good news? Achieving a sleek design for your kitchen doesn’t have to be pricey. Opting for neutral grey and white tones throughout with splashes of warmth can do the trick. White is often associated with cleanliness, and is an easy color to brighten up any kitchen space. Grey can be a calming color and adds just enough differentiation without being overbearingly dark or colorful. Implementing these choices for your cabinet, backsplash, and counter colors can help to make your kitchen feel more modern, without a ton of work.

Utilizing these whites and greys as a base for your overall color scheme can open up the possibilities for adding inviting statement pieces throughout your kitchen, including various seasonal plants or flowers on top of your counter, or maybe a unique lighting fixture.

Creating the Illusion of Having More Space

If you don’t have the option to knock down walls or expand into other rooms of your home, there are remedies to make your kitchen appear larger than it is.

Swapping out your closed cabinets for open-shelf ones can open up the room and also add unique character to your kitchen. As long as you keep the items on the shelves organized, open shelving as opposed to traditionally cabinets can add to an illusion of open space in the kitchen, a feature that buyers love!

There are also all sorts of design ideas you can use during staging to add a feeling of depth to a room. Playing with color and light, for instance, can totally redefine the feeling of a room.

What’s more, adding additional storage wherever possible, or repurposing a surface for multiple uses, can make a room feel more functional, despite its size. For instance, a chalkboard wall is a cute accent, that can be hugely functional for writing shopping lists, delivering family messages, or keeping kids occupied while dinner is cooking. Recessed storage areas are cute - and also highly useful for everyday items!

Curious About the Value of Your Current Home?

Unsure of the changes you might need to make when selling your home? Do you have questions concerning whether or not your kitchen is buyer-ready? Interested in gauging what your home might be worth on the market, given current conditions? We’re here to help put your mind at ease!

Whenever the time comes to sell, don’t hesitate to drop Real Group RE a line for ideas, advice, or even a referral to a trusted home service provider.

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