Big Trends in Bathroom Design to Watch in 2019

You know the old saying about what sells a home: bathrooms and kitchens. In that case, as you prepare to sell your home, bear in mind that prospective buyers are always on the lookout for bathrooms that don’t only provide enough space and efficiency, but which are also stylish and on-trend.

So, buyers, now is the time to ask yourself: What bathroom is it you’re looking for and why?

And sellers? It’s time to start thinking about how your audience of potential buyers answered the question above. Because their response could just mean all the difference for the success of your sale.

Can a Bathroom Be Beautiful?

Many of us may think of the bathroom in a strictly practical sense, but these spaces can be as beautiful and unique as any other room in your home. In fact, in many ways, these spaces stand out all the more, because of how practical - and versatile - they can really be.

For buyers, sellers, and current owners alike, it’s important to remember that your bathrooms are ready to say something design-wise - and it’s up to you to decide what that message will really be!

With that in mind, remember that the rules for design and decor are always changing. Bathroom features and fixtures go in and out of style all the time, just as they do for kitchens, bedrooms, and so on.

When it comes to picturing your perfect bathroom - or getting yours ready to sell - remember that there are many aspects of design to consider. Your mind immediately may go to the hefty remodels and upgrades you could take on. But remember, adopting simple design trends or making a few decorative changes could have a big impact, too.

In need of some inspiration for bringing your bathroom up to date, or adding that extra something that could provide the finishing touch to your home? Here are five 2019 design trends and ideas that can help you bring this room to life in a singular and special way:

1.) Use Your Powder Room/Half-Bath to Make a Statement

The powder room is usually small - but from a design and functionality standpoint, it can be truly mighty. As a great report from points out, many people are introducing a multitude of design features and flourishes that create a lot of vibrancy and energy, even in these small spaces. Think elements like statement wallpaper, bold paint colors, and eclectic, mismatched finishes. Typically, we think of bold and brash style moves as a way to bring character to a bigger space. But in a compact half-bath, making a few bold and unpredictable swaps can transform the space itself, and help carry that dramatic energy over to the rest of the home.

2.) Add Luxurious, Spa-like Touches

To up the style and increase the value in a space, it helps to think about your budget. In many cases, one of the best strategies you can use is to spend less money, provided that you employ it in a strategic and intentional way. In the bathroom, you can really make interesting changes with little touches. For instance? Think about the amenities you’d find in an upscale hotel or spa, and try bringing those same flourishes to your space. You could start small by  placing a reed diffuser on a stylish tray on the counter, for instance. Other ideas may include adding bottles of lotion on mounted pedestals, getting a teak bath mat, or replacing the showerhead with a more luxurious (and, perhaps, sustainable and water-efficient) model.

3.) Add Some Bathroom Furniture

Does the idea of adding furniture to your restroom seem a little luxurious or out there? While it may seem surprising, you may want to consider this one. Think of free-standing chairs, small benches, or vanity seats and tables, as your space allows. As puts it:

“If you have the space, a beautiful piece of furniture can create a lounge feel in your bathroom—and give you a legitimate reason to retreat there when you need to get away.”

And don’t forget to think of the functional side of things, as well! Have a long mirror? Why not set up a chic makeup stand? Need some additional storage? Wicker baskets and boxes can make chic touches to your restroom, while also helping you keep clutter at bay.

4.) Consider a Vintage Rug

It’s pretty common for homeowners to decorate their bath spaces with bathroom mats or rugs. But so often, most of us stick with a routine choice and leave it at that. Switching up your floor covering is a small yet impactful change that could really spice up the space. Vintage rugs are a great option, for instance, not only for their ability to provide a unique look and style, but also for their ability to stand up to the daily wear of your moist bathroom (OK, it may take a little work, but seriously, the results can be astonishing). To start experimenting, consider a rug with a low pile height and with a wool-cotton blend, as suggests.

5.) Embrace Bold, Black Bathroom Elements

Traditionally, many people try to avoid dark bathrooms, thinking of them as claustrophobic and,  perhaps, a little overwrought. Black bathroom elements (including all-black bathrooms) are emerging as a trend, however. A bold, dark paint color can offer a powerful visual statement, potentially saving you tons of money on a complete gut and remodel.

"Black accents command a sense of respect and sophistication because the lack of color equates to a timeless design," says Elizabeth Bolognino, an interior designer based in New York City. Painting the whole space or even adding distinguishing touches (faucets, shower heads, door handles) can elicit drama and specificity, allowing your space to feel like a whole new bathroom.

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