Jason Finn Talks Home Pricing With Market Overdrive on WGN Radio

WGN Market Overdrive with Jason Finn, Joel Schaub, Karla Mina, and Nick Memeti

If your radio was tuned to WGN Radio last week, you might have heard a familiar voice giving some deep insights on the Chicago real estate market.

On Thursday, May 30, our own Jason Finn joined the crew of Market Overdrive to discuss how to properly price your Chicago home. He was joined by Joel Schaub of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage, as well as the show’s regular hosts, Karla Mina and Nick Memeti.

As one of the nation’s premier real estate and mortgage shows, Market Overdrive is all about helping consumers and industry professionals elevate their real estate market IQ. Each episode, the hosts are joined by real estate pros from around the area, including  builders, investors, attorneys, insurance agents, home design specialists, appraisers, and more.

Jason joined the #MODSquad to talk a topic that’s extremely important to us at Real Group - how sellers can be successful at pricing their homes correctly from the outset. After talking about Jason’s background in real estate, the crew jumps into this crucial real estate topic, including breaking down some common mistakes and misconceptions about home pricing that can affect buyers and sellers alike.

To see Jason in action, you can watch or listen to the episode here, or via Facebook.

Want to keep the conversation going with Jason, Marc, and Kenneth? Get in touch to start your journey towards buying or selling your Chicago home today! Be sure to follow Real Group on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest news and updates from the team.

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