5 Steps That Will Help Sell Your Home

5 Steps That Will Help Sell Your HomeIf it has come time to sell your home, it can help to have a good grasp for the process that lies ahead of you. Working with a highly qualified real estate professional, here is the home buying process you'll experience, broken down in to 5 steps by Zillow Blog.

Before you begin, find a professional real estate agent

This is a critical part of beginning your home buying process, as your real estate agent will act as your personal negotiator throughout the process. You'll want to work with an agent that is responsive to your needs, with a solid background of successful transactions, as you will want them to be in prime form to represent your interests. Demand these things of your agent from the beginning, as they will help determine their workability in this process.

Step 1: Determine your home's market value

Many homeowners are able to begin the selling process with a good idea of the value of their home, but before you venture onto the market, you'll want to work with your real estate agent to determine your home's actual value based on the current state of the market.

This is a perfect time to have your agent physically visit your property and complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Even if you aren't sure you're ready to sell, this will help engage you in the process and provide you useful information to move forward when you are ready.

Make sure you're talking to your realtor about the value of your home in comparison to active competition, as opposed to competition that has already gone off of the market. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Step 2: Assess the condition of your home

Your home is at the point where it is transitioning from a functional place to live to a home that is being presented at face value.

You can (loosely) think of your home as something like a family pet - you love them as they are now, but at face value, they may not be ready to compete in a competition. You'll take your pet to the groomers and put them through some competition-specific training to get them in prime shape - you'll have to invest some money in order to get them ready for a show.

The same goes for your home. That third bedroom you've converted into a craft room or the dark green paint in the living room may be nice touches for your personal living situation, but could instantly turn a prospective buyer off.

Step 3: Watch the competition

Knowledge is power in the real estate world. A successful home sale can be capitalized upon especially when you have a good grasp of what your competition is doing - and, of course, how you can up your game to rise above them. The more homes you are able to see (and your agent will be able to help you with this), the better of a chance you will have to make your property the one to beat.

Step 4: Use your team, and know your stuff

You don't have to go this process alone. A good agent will be able to give you cost-effective improvements to consider, as well as an ample list of quality referrals that can help. These changes will almost always save you time and money during your selling process.

Additionally, sellers almost always need to stay one step ahead of buyers. Think the buyer is going to ask for a condo association document? Have it ready. Think they'll want to know when the rooftop deck was installed? Find out. The more information you have on hand, the better.

Step 5: Set a deadline

Once you've established some projects that you'd like to complete, pick a date that you'd like to get the property officially listed and work back from there. At the point of listing, your home should be "open house ready" - this will give your photographer an optimal space to shoot, and present your home at its best.

Keep it in the back of your mind that the preparation to sell is often more difficult than the sale itself. Know that the better the preparation, the better chance you will have of getting your home sold at the price point you're looking for.

Looking to sell your home? We'd love to help you! Don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call, and we will help you through the process.

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