5 Easy DIY Home Projects That Will Improve Your Home - and Speed Up Your Sale

5 Easy DIY Home Projects That Will Improve Your Home - and Speed Up Your Sale
DIY doesn't have to be a chore! While so many of us simply check off the boxes on our "to-do" lists every weekend - dreading the tasks all week - it can be amazingly satisfying to take on DIY tasks before disaster strikes. And being proactive when it comes to updating and renovating your home can make a huge difference for your home sale down the line. As we've discussed before, doing just a little work to your entryway or bathroom can offer a huge ROI when it comes time to sell

Ready to get started adding function, form, and tons of value to your propery? Here are some great projects that The Family Handyman recently featured which we think will do wonders for your home - and your checkbook. 

1. Rollout Shelves

If your kitchen is lacking some organization, one of the most affordable and effective ways to amp up your storage space is to add some effortless rollout shelves to your kitchen cabinets. These rollout shelves won't take the place of your existing cabinet space; instead, they'll allow better organization of the space, making the space in the back of your cabinets more accessible than ever. 

Looking for some more help adding value to your kitchen? Check out our guide to prepping the budget for a kitchen remodel, or try one of our eight handy kitchen updates for less than $100.

2. Vinyl composition tiles

Vinyl composition tiles (VCT) are pretty much indestructible. - hence why you'll find them so often in both schools and hospitals. Even better, if you mess up one tile? You can simply pull it up and replace it directly. Simple as that! VCT is a great way to keep a kitchen clean, especially if you have some messier young ones running around.

If you are able to trowel on some adhesive, this is a DIY project you can handle. For more on what flooring can do for your home sale, check out our list of the seven home improvement projects that help your home sell

3. High garage shelving

If you need some more storage space in your garage, consider installing some high shelving near the ceiling. You can throw some lighter boxes up there, like the ones storing your holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, or that rarely used toboggan, or just about anything else.

Use some stained plywood with solid wood edging to do the job. Screw eye bolts into the shelf and add a truss in the ceiling. Then connect them with lightweight chain. For more space-saving ideas for your coziest bathroom or garage space, we encourage you to read on here. And for more uses for that wood edging, try one of these three attractive home upgrades for a $1000 budget

4. Motion detector lights

These lights are a great way to add some inexpensive security to your property, but you can also use them indoors. Think about using some motion detector lights for your laundry room light, or maybe in your garage, spare bedroom, or closet. You can use them anywhere you want to guarantee the light doesn't get left on - saving energy and money and adding a sense of security for your future buyer. 

5. Outdoor bench

A nice, DIY outdoor bench can lend a lot to your outdoor space. There is an inexpensive wooden bench design that uses only two boards, and another similarly easy garden bench that is very nice. Take a day or so with this one and have some fun. And while you're at it, there are plenty of ways to touch up your outdoor spaces and make them more appealing. Boost your curb appeal with other easy DIY projects, or simply make your yard more pet-friendly to goose up your sale

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